Centered on breath, movement, and awareness, Qigong can increase and maintain joint

flexibility, release habituated physical and emotional holdings, circulate Qi, and foster

grounded revitalization. Qigong is not only used to optimize health, but is a tool to

access the internal transformational process known as Neigong. Primary to entering this

process is developing the proper alignments and strength of the physical body and

understanding basic principles underlying Qigong practice. Join us to learn a methodical

and accessible approach to building this foundation. Appropriate for both beginners and

the more experienced. *Must be over 18 years old and not pregnant

Course content to include:

Qigong/Neigong Theory


Core Strengthening

Body Alignment

Wuji Posture

Lower Dantian Location

Kua Folding

Ji Ben Qigong Set

For more info or to register: ThreeQiMedicine@gmail.com (434) 974-6954

*** Pre-Registration Required ***

May Liao and Matthieu Schmitter are certified Qigong Instructors with the Lotus Neigong

School of Daoist Arts (www.LotusNeigong.com) and train extensively with Damo Mitchell.

They are owners of Three Qi Oriental Medicine, hold Masters Degrees from Pacific College

of Oriental Medicine, and are Licensed Acupuncturists and NCCAOM Diplomates in Oriental


12:30-4:30 pm SAT JAN 19 & 1:00-4:30 pm SUN JAN 20

$95 (cash or check only)

YOGA CVILLE 1717-2A Allied Street, Charlottesville, VA 22903



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Christie M. Savage, M.A., Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM)® . L.Ac.

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