"I have issues with Trigger Thumb- The Orthopedic doctor stated that I would need surgery. I had one cortisone shot which did not work. After 7 acupuncture treatments my thumb is no longer popping , locking and I have more mobility . Thanks Christie"  Noreen, Waynesboro

"My migraine went away and hasn't been back.  Acupuncture is really better than medicine"  Direct quote from Sarah, who has had chronic migraines and muscles spasms.

"I have had the utmost honor of receiving acupuncture treatment from Ms. Christie Savage for the past four months. Her time, patience and intellect have greatly outweighed any psychiatrist, psychologist and physician that I have seen for my anxiety and depression. Someone is actually listening to me (and not judging me) and seeing me as entire human being – not as as a patient or the subject – there is no authority in this relationship.

Acupuncture has superseded my expectations – I am an entirely different individual because of this amazing work; I am more content and calm; I am living in the present and not fretting about uncontrollable minute things that occupy this circus we call life. I can only advocate for this 5000 year old health care method. If it can work for me, it can work for anyone! Thank to you Ms. Savage for your kind and diligent expertise- I am so privileged to even receive acupuncture, and there is no one better than Ms. Savage! Thank you very much!"  Amy, Charlottesville

"Ever since I have been coming to acupuncture with Christie, the pain during my period has been greatly reduced to almost nothing- I don't have to take any medication for the cramps anymore!" -MH, Staunton




"Christie is a wonderful practitioner, and insightful healer. She has a great treatment philosophy, and is extremely professional. I've had a lot of acupuncture in my day, and would rank her among the top."   S.P. – Staunton

 "Hi Christie, I truly enjoyed my acupuncture treatment.  Thank you for your caring attitude knowing that it was first experience with acupuncture.  I felt totally relaxed before the treatment started.  I left your office with a positively “floating on a cloud” feeling.  I will certainly recommend you to anyone that I talk to and hope that your practice continues to grow. All my best,  Jim Chiswell", Lake Monticello

 "Have I been to more experienced acupuncturists? Yes, but I have never been to one as intuitive as Christie. Because of her personal understanding of chronic illness, her treatments have helped me live a fuller, healthier life. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to understand their body's imbalance and to correct it."   S.V. – Staunton

“Christie Savage has a wonderful, gentle approach to acupuncture. She immediately puts you at ease about the process, and takes time to thoroughly understand your medical and health background and practices. It is a very holistic approach. I felt relief from my back   pain on the first visit, and it improved even more after the second appointment. Christie shows real concern for her clients and their progress. I would highly recommend her.”  Estra Roell, Life Coach, Ruckersville

 “MOST IMPORTANT…My back feels much less tight! It was 7-8 on pain scale before treatmen; now 3-4. That one back treatment was really beneficial. Having the deep tissue 1 hour massage on Sat then the full 1 hour acupuncture on my back Monday, has reduced the tightness considerably. I would not expect such relief so soon. My shoulders, neck, cranium feel relief of muscle tightness and soreness, although I have the same stressors :).  OH, and I am taking your advice to breathe more slowly and deeply.  All of these procdures are making Patt a much happier, calmer, relaxed person!! PRICELESS!! Just ask my family!”  P.H., Staunton

“Hi Christie–Just wanted to let you know that I slept _really_ well last night–no anxiety dreams, no early waking, and I had no problem falling asleep.  Today I also feel like my neck and chest are much looser–like it's easier to breathe because the muscles in my chest are not so tight.  It's great!  Thanks so much, and I'll see you next week!”  C.T.-Charlottesville

 "I want to thank you for the session yesterday-I had been struggling with my presentation for class today, and once I got home,my mind was clear as a bell! All of a sudden the mathematic formulas made sense in the music! How nice to be able to focus and get something done :)"  M.S., Staunton

 "Christie gave me facial rejuvenation treatments and the results are amazing.  The procedure itself is totally painless, and very relaxing.  She used the Japanese method. She explained what and why she was doing at each step and that made me very comfortable.  She has a way of making you feel cared for–she is concerned about your well-being.

 So many people noticed how good I was looking after a few treatments, but unlike cosmetic surgery, it was not such a dramatic difference that people asked 'what have you done to yourself?'; they just commented on how healthy my skin was and that I looked refreshed and younger.    My skin is firmer and glows with health.  Many people guess that I am 10 years younger than I am. Thank you Christie"—–Cathy, NJ

 Depression and can feel no Joy     “Joyful”                                                                                                                                                                                                    “I just have to tell you how good i felt last night after our session. After dinner, we went to watch 2 favorite comedy sit-coms…and i laughed, and laughed, and laughed. deep laughs. This is unusual for me, and it felt so good to laugh. I give you the credit for this comfort, happiness and feeling of being in balance you are making possible for me.”  P.H., Staunton

"Christie, thank you for the treatment! My knee is great: swelling & pain gone by next day. Neck & shoulder are much better, too. Best wishes. with qi"  M.W

 Hi, Christie!!  I'm feeling great!!  I really think your reflexology was very helpful!!  Thanks again for taking me on as a client!!  C.B. – Keswick

 "I continue to feel better with only a slight occasional leg sensation, nothing compared to the almost constant aching and heaviness and occasional sharp pains I was having before."  L.M., Charlottesville

"I can't believe how much better my ankle is feeling.  I had hoped for results but never expected this quick or dramatic.  Thanks, again!"  K.B. , Staunton

 "When I started acupuncture therapy my handicap stood at 18.  I had severe soreness and stiffness which prevented me from making a full turn through the shot and left me in considerable discomfort after the round.  Now, 4 months later, I have no discomfort or pain during or after the round and my handicap stands at 12.  Christie's acupuncture program made a tremendous difference in my ability to really enjoy the game again."   Marty, Harrisonburg




"Hi Christie,   I wanted to give you an update on my condition.  My knees are doing great, and my left shoulder is improved also.  The remnants of sciatica on left side are "fainter".  Asthma seems to be about the same.  I think the seeds you put in my ear–one for stress really helped this weekend while I was working.  It was a very stressful couple of days but I got through it with no stress eating.  Thank you for all the good work you do."  AHM, Charlottesville


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